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"What to do when the situation seems hopeless"
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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to build your skill with the Solution Focused Approach so that you have confidence in each and every session. Even those sessions that seem impossible, those sessions where the problem has been so severe and so long standing that it causes the client to think a life without that problem would be impossible. Even those sessions where the client doesn't seem to be participating and it seems everything you try with the client falls flat.

To complete this mission, sign up to join myself (Elliott Connie) and Adam Froerer for a free video training series where we will be sharing exactly how to use the Solution Focused Approach in the absolute most challenging situations. The first video in this series will be available immediately and in this series we will share...

  • The  number 1 key principle to being a MASTER with this approach and expertly apply this way of working with your clients.
  • 5 Ways to stick with the Solution Focused Approach effectively when working in the "hardest" clincical situations, when it truly seems impossible.
  • The biggest mistake professionals make when using this approach with their clients [and how to never make that mistake again, EVER!]
If you require any support you can contact us at support@elliottconniepllc.helpdesk.com
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